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Blair Lamb, MD, FCFP

Years ago, Dr. Blair Lamb suffered a series of spinal injuries causing significant disability to his spine and limbs. A difficult rehabilitation was ultimately  successful. Drawing on his personal experience and his new myofascial pain and neuropathic theory, he developed a revolutionary series of treatments and established the world-renowned Lamb Pain Clinic. Using interventional and non-interventional methods, he rehabilitates conditions that many clinics would only manage. From tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis, headaches to fibromyalgia, he utilizes newer rehab- ilitation technology to produce real and lasting results.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, he is a true innovator who has authored over five medical patents used for spine and limb rehabilitation, nearly 100 rehabilitation DVDs entitled the ‘Lamb Program’ and he co-developed a total body ‘laser’ technology for pain and rehabilitation.

Embracing the role of pain educator, Dr. Lamb frequently interviews for media, gives public lectures for specific pain topics and authored the seminar "An Inconvenient Pain." He is President of the Pain Reliever Corporation where new pain technology and education materials are developed. He works with  individuals to craft customized, hands-on and personalized solutions and derives great satisfaction from facilitating a person to a good recovery and returning them to a normal or near-normal life.