Brian Ballios, MD, PhD, B.Sc.E

Dr. Brian Ballios has restored vision in mice but he is not stopping there. He is on a mission to develop stem cell therapies for people living with blindness and has a plan to get there. He is an essential player in the translation of pre-clinical vision research into clinical trials and, ultimately, into new sight-saving treatments. For this reason, he was awarded the inaugural recipient of the Foundation Fighting Blindness’ Clinician-Scientist Emerging Leader Award. This award aims to strengthen the community of clinician-scientists with ophthalmology expertise by awarding ophthalmologists-in-training with research funding. With his new research funding, he will focus on developing stem cell transplantation therapies for inherited retinal diseases. Dr. Ballios holds a PhD and his background in medicine, biomedical engineering and stem cell biology has allowed him to develop a unique

research plan that uses biomaterials to deliver stem cells to the eye. He is Senior Research Associate in the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences and third-year resident in Ophthalmology at the University of Toronto.