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James Thimons, OD

Dr. James Thimons is a 1978 graduate of Ohio State University College of Optometry. He completed his hospital residency at the Chillicothe, VA Medical Center in 1979 and then served as Chief, Optometry Service until 1985. He then accepted the position of Center Director at Omni Eye Services, Fairfax, Virginia and served in that role until 1989 when he became Chairman, Department of Clinical Sciences. While at SUNY he developed The Glaucoma Institute at the State University of New York, a glaucoma clinical research center in Optometry, and served as its first Director.

In 1998, he accepted the position of Executive Director of TLC and served in that role until 2002 when he founded Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut, a multidisciplinary referral practice providing secondary and tertiary level care.

Dr. Thimons has received numerous awards for his service to the profession and has published extensively in the area of ocular disease. He is a nationally and internationally acclaimed speaker. In 1999, he was awarded Optometry’s Top Educator and was selected as one of the Top Ten ODs of the decade by Optometric Management. In 2002 he founded the National Glaucoma Society, a NFP with Executive offices in Andover, Massachusetts, that provides educational and clinical development services to primary care clinicians worldwide in the area of glaucoma. In 2005 he was inducted into the Optometry Hall of Fame and has recently served as President, Connecticut Association of Optometrists.