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Jonathan Shapiro, B.Sc, FCOptom, FAAO,   FEAOO

Dr. Jonathan Shapiro has been in private practice for over 40 years. He is a Fellow of the British College of Optometry, American Academy of Optometry and European Academy of Optometry. He is a regular attendee at international conferences and has lectured and presented lectures and workshops in Israel, UK, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Hungary and Spain. Dr. Shapiro specializes in the holistic approach to optometric treatment that includes posture, binocular balance and cortical integration of the sensory systems. He has developed examination methods and treatment regimes, some of which have been published in leading journals. He has presented workshops, in which he has introduced new instrumentation and new approaches to binocular balancing. Dr. Shapiro was instrumental in establishing the Department of Optometry at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, Israel. The department has flourished with a talented team of educators and has a Bachelors and Masters Program. Dr. Shapiro semi-retired from Hadassah College in 2015 and returned to his private practice, along with his son, while continuing to give lectures and workshops.