Martin Bell, RO

As a Registered Optician and Certified Contact Lens Fitter, Martin Bell’s career as an Ophthalmic Dispenser covers 30 years. He owned his own high-end dispensary in Waterloo, Ontario, dispensing premium eyewear and fitting complex contact lenses for over 17 years. Martin developed a reputation for specialty lenses and became an expert in fitting progressive addition lenses. After so long on the retail side, he sold his store and made a change in his career path, moving to the wholesale side of the optical industry. Martin’s hands-on knowledge as an Optician has given him excellent insight into the technology and the complex issues in virtually all types of fittings with prescription lenses. In 2013, Martin was part of the opening team of Shamir Canada serving as National Sales and Marketing Manager working to launch new products and helping to grow a dynamic new sales team. In 2016, Martin was promoted to a new position within Shamir and continues in his role as Director of Education and Quality Assurance.