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Dr. Patrick Quaid, MCOptom, FCOVD, PhD

Upcoming Seminars

annual winter meeting in the beautiful Nassau and world famous Atlantis resort
January 23, 24, 25, 2020


Neuro Optometry & Vision therapy


Reading and Vision What Exactly is the Link (COPE ID: 48581-FV)
Concussion and Vision Overview and Research Update (COPE ID: 52286-NO)
Overall Management of Concussion What I Have Learned From Allied Healthcare Professional (COPE ID: 52288-NO)

Dr. Quaid, originally from the Republic of Ireland, trained as an Optometrist in the UK (University of Bradford School of Optometry), following which he worked mainly within the UK Hospital Eyecare System (Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, London & Bradford Royal Infirmary). During his time in particular at Moorfield’s, he dealt primarily with the management of patients with unusual patterns of progressive glaucoma in addition to working closely with pre and post strabismus surgery patients and concussion related vision issues. In 2005, Dr. Quaid received his PhD in Vision Science at the University of Waterloo (UW) School of Optometry & Vision Science and completed his post doctorate training in visual psychophysics between UW and York University on a Canadian Institute for Health and  Research (CIHR) grant examining visual illusions and what they tell us about the human brain. Dr. Quaid has published several papers in high impact optometry and ophthalmology journals on topics ranging from glaucoma and how it related to low blood pressure in addition to binocular vision dysfunction in both  paediatric learning disabled populations and concussion patients. Dr. Quaid attained his FCOVD in 2010. In 2013, Dr. Quaid opened the Guelph Vision Therapy Centre (now known as the ‘Vue Cubed Vision Rehabilitation Network’), which was the first optometric rehabilitative facility of its kind (i.e. non-eyewear dispensing, non primary care facility solely focusing on vision therapy and rehabilitation within a collaborative care framework. In 2017, a second clinic was opened in Toronto (North York) in an effort to provide quality, evidence based,  rehabilitative vision therapy to more patients in a major metropolitan area. Dr. Quaid sits on the Executive committee and serves as Chair of the Registration Committee for his professions regulatory board (Ontario College of Optometrists) and also serves on the Board of Directors for COVD. Dr. Quaid continues to serve at UWaterloo as an Adjunct Professor teaching final year students and also serving on graduate student advisory committees for both MSc and PhD level students.