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Randy Marks, CEO

For over 30 years, Randy Marks has developed successful marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies all over North America. As an entrepreneur, Randy has been fortunate to learn that leading successful businesses and launching  new ideas takes more than hard work – it also requires earning the trust of key stakeholders, having a vision, providing confident leadership and the drive to succeed, all while demonstrating compassion and understanding for his colleagues and partners. His zeal for new and exciting challenges and knowledge has propelled Randy to pioneer and build many successful ventures including North America’s first Environmental Print and Packaging company, an award winning Strategic Marketing firm, a Digital Signage platform and an innovative App for University Students. Randy was approached with an early concept of LMCW® and a direct challenge - build a solution in healthcare to be able to connect medical consumers with private practices around the globe and help those practices grow and prosper, while providing a more meaningful patient experience. In late 2014, Randy launched LMCW® and began talking  with  doctors and patients from around the world, gaining knowledge of what each side needed. He landed upon a platform that would use the power of digital sharing and cultivate the connection between the patient and doctor in established digital communities such as Facebook, Google and LMCW® website. LMCW® is leading the way into a new era of healthcare communications with a vision of having a trustworthy network of doctors who healthcare consumers can benefit from anywhere in the world.