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Vi Tu Banh, OD

  • Graduated from McMaster University in 1992, BSc

  • Graduated from University of Waterloo in 1996, Doctor of Optometry

  • Practiced in Richmond Hill for 3 years with a partner

  • Practiced solo in Uxbridge since May 2001

  • Professional speaker, consultant and facilitator

Featured on Breakfast Television in May 2007; on CTV evening news in November 2007, and other popular magazines in the optical industry: all on raising the awareness of the danger of UV damage to their eyes & educating the public how to preserve and improve their eyesight

Career Mission:  to preserve and improve people’s eyesight

Life Mission: to encourage and inspire people to live their lives to fullest…one person, one day at a time!!!

Hobbies: golfing, running (ran 4 full marathons & 9 half marathons with ChiRunning technique), weight training, cycling & swimming