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Education Advisory Committee


Dr. Langis Michaud graduated from École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal in 1986 where he also obtained his Master’s Degree in Physiological Optics in 1998. Dr. Michaud also received a diploma in Public Administration from École Nationale d’Administration Publique (ENAP) in 2006. He is a full-time professor and practices at Université de Montréal since 2001, as the chief of the contact lens department, and since June 2020, as a Dean of the School. Dr. Michaud is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (Diplomate), the British Contact Lens Association, the Scleral Lens Education Society and of the European Academy of Optometry. Dr. Michaud’s main research interests are myopia control, scleral contact lenses, keratoneuralgia and anterior segment irregularities like keratoconus. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and publications or professional reviews. He is an author of more many book chapters and he was edited in France and USA. Because of his expertise, Dr. Michaud is a regular speaker at major optometric and ophthalmology meetings around the world.


Dr. Barbara Caffery graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1977. In 2009, she completed her PhD programme in Vision Science at the University of Waterloo upon defending her thesis entitled Sjogren’s Syndrome: A Clinical and Biochemical Analysis. Dr. Caffery practices at Toronto Eye Care in downtown Toronto and also participates in two hospital-based clinics at the University Health Network Multi-Disciplinary Sjogren’s Syndrome Clinic and the Therapeutic Contact Lens Clinic at Kensington Vision and Research Centre. Dr. Caffery’s areas of expertise include dry eye disease and contact lenses. She has completed several clinical trials in dry eye treatments and has also widely published in the areas of contact lenses, dry eye and Sjogren’s Syndrome. She presently serves as the President of the American Academy of Optometry and also serves on the Board and Medical Advisory panel of the Sjogren’s Society of Canada. Dr. Caffery has lectured frequently in the areas of contact lenses, dry eye and Sjogren’s Syndrome at the Academy and other state and regional venues. She continues to serve as a guest lecturer at the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Waterloo. Most recently, she has helped to create and implement a new clinical research initiative within the American Academy of Optometry. The special interest group, Fellows Doing Research, gathers interested Fellows from private practices and academic settings to explore important clinical questions.