Structured Programs

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Structured Programs

Structured programs bear a closer resemblance to the post-secondary learning setting, where students are typically obliged to participate in a blend of online and in-person courses. These programs often culminate in a final exam or demonstration for successful completion. Some of these structured programs are collaborative efforts with universities or organizations, aiming to fulfill specific objectives. For instance, they might be designed to accumulate 100 hours of TPA or VT experience for certification, or they could be geared towards training optical staff to enhance the overall retail or clinic experience.


Getting Started

Structured courses many or may not have a fixed date depending on how many students have enrolled.

Step 1

Register for a Structured Program

Each program may contain different instructions on how to show interest or join a wait-list. This is because a minimum number of students are needed to run the program. After a certain threshold is met, the program will run and you will be given instructions on how to pay.

Step 2

Attend the Program

Structured courses are time intensive and often require full attendance to acquire your certificate. Ensure you are familiar how the program is delivered (online/live/hybrid), what dates you need to be present for and how to make up missed events.

Step 3

Get Your Certificate

Structured programs that are successfully completed will provide a formal certificate of completion. The time for this certificate may vary depending on the associated institutions for the program.

Attendance & Cancellation Policy

  • Attendance and cancellation policies will vary depending on the structured program. Be sure to carefully read your program and understand the associated policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions...

Each program is unique from the next so it is very important that you carefully read the details of your program. If you have any questions after reading it, please contact us at and we will help you out.