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Flexibility to tailor your education to your individual interests and schedule, empowering you to achieve your goals on your terms.


On-demand is one of our education formats where you can watch pre-recorded videos at your convenience, take a short quiz at the end of each video (you can retake a quiz if you don’t pass) and instantly receive a certificate of completion. If you’re an optometrist with an OE Tracker account, we’ll submit your hours to ARBO for you.

170+ COPE Accredited Hours for Optometrists*

80+ College of Opticians of Ontario and NACOR Accredited Hours for Opticians*

*Hours many vary as courses expire and new courses are added monthly

Getting Started

There is a link to the AOE Portal in the top right corner of every page of our website or you can click the button below to go there now:

AOE Portal
Step 1

Create a FREE account

Visit our AOE Portal Here. Click Sign In (in the upper right) and sign in with Google/Facebook/LinkedIn/Apple OR click create a new account to use your email.

Step 2

Try a FREE Course

Try out one of free fully accredited (COPE/COO/NACOR) on-demand course. Once you have created your account, visit our free courses here and click on one to try it out.

Step 3

Become a Member

You can purchase courses individually or for the best value, you pay one annual membership fee and get unlimited access to the course catalogue of your choice. Click here to see our membership options here.

*Please note that there are no refunds once you have taken a course.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some popular questions about On-Demand. If you need information on moving from our old system to the new one, click here.

Do you have a FREE trial?

We offer a fully accredited course by COPE, the College of Opticians of Ontario and NACOR, completely free for you to try out. You can see the free courses here.

Can I just buy one or two courses?

Absolutely. Sometimes that is all you need. You can browse the course catalogue here, select a course and only buy only that one.

How do I find courses that match the category I need?

Depending on your college/board, you may need to take a specific Professional Growth (PG) or perhaps TPA course. You can view all the courses here, and then click on an accredited category to organize the courses. If you want to search for a specific title or speaker, you can use the search in the upper right.

Where do I update my profile or credit card?

When you are logged in, you can click on your name in the upper right and then click on "My Account". That bring you to this page, where you can update your OE tracker, password, credit card etc...

How do I get my certificates?

There is a link at the top of the portal called "My Certificates" that will bring you to this page. You can see your certificates and download them as PDF files.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Visit the billing page here, and below subscriptions, you can follow the instructions to cancel.

My membership renewed but I didn't want it to!

When you become a member, you agree to have your credit card charged annually. However, we understand that things change. If you haven't taken any courses since the renewal date, and it is still within 60 days of the renewal charge, email us at and we can issue a refund and help you unsubscribe.

What happens if I don't pass the quiz?

You can retake the quiz instantly with no penalty. Take it as many times as you need.


Need help? We've got your covered!


We provide printable PDFs with step by step instructions for the most common steps in using our On-Demand system.


Still need help? That's what our support team is here for.

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If the above documents or video are still not enough, please email us at and one of our support team will reach out to help you out!