Our coast to coast live conferences provide real-time engagement, and an immersive educational atmosphere,


Our live conferences offer eye care professionals the opportunity to meet their educational requirements, engage in knowledge-sharing sessions and build valuable connections with peers and experts, fostering collaboration and innovation. Additionally, trade shows introduce you to a wide range of medical resources, empowering informed decisions for improved patient care and staying up-to-date in their field. Digital learning is an excellent option, but there's nothing like meeting face to face.


An essential component of our conferences, Optifair Canada Trade Show, runs concurrently with our seminars, offering attendees the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in eye care technology, eyewear and services that can bolster their clinics or retail businesses. Enjoy networking with a diverse array of eye care industry professionals for a productive and enjoyable experience.

Getting Started

Remember to arrive early to our events so you can be checked-in with plenty of time before the lectures start.

Step 1

Register for a Conference

Click register on the conference you would like to attend. Conferences can be found on our homepage or scroll down to the bottom of this page. You will receive an emailed receipt of your registration.

Step 2

Attend the Conference

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the conference starts to check in, collect your name badge and enjoy a continental breakfast. Your attendance is tracked by scanning your name badge, a requirement for certification. Don't miss out on food, networking and a visit to the Optifair Canada Trade Show!

Step 3

Get Your Certificates

You will receive a certificate of attendance 14-30 business days after the conference (pending your full attendance). For conferences in 2024 and onward, you will be able to get your certificates directly on our portal.

Attendance & Cancellation Policy

  • Each conference will provide a date where no refunds will be provided. This is partly because the venue will have already allocated food and services that cannot be refunded. Cancellations before that date will be given a 100% refund.
  • Attendance is tracked and verified as follows:
    • We will scan your name badge at the seminar doors
    • You must be present in the seminar room during lectures for the length of time your accrediting body requires
    • As a general rule, there is time to use the washroom during a lecture but you should return immediately to the seminar room
  • Programs and presenters are subject to change without notice and some lectures may be pending accreditation approval

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some popular questions about our conferences.

I didn't get a receipt after registering...

Please contact us at to ensure that your registration went through and we have you on our list.

I will be late or need to leave early.

You will still be able to attend, however, you will only receive certificates for lectures that you are fully present for.

Can I register in person at the event?

Registration in person will depend on available seats and cancellations. Attempting to register that day may result in full access to the lectures and food, access to the lectures only or no access at all. It's best to register early!

Do I have to pay for admission to the Trade Show separately?

No. The trade show is included in your conference ticket. Be sure to swing by as there is lots of giveaways and demonstrations.

Where do I get the presentation notes?

You will be given a website address and a password to access all the notes for the lectures.

I want a refund after the cancellation date has past...

Unfortunately we cannot, under any circumstances, provide a refund after that date has past.

Upcoming Conferences

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