Blending education with a vacation allows for skill growth amidst the relaxation and inspiration of a new destination.

Tropical Destinations

Completing education at a destination resort offers a unique blend of learning and leisure, with the serene environment fostering inspiration and motivation, and the experience creating lasting memories and personal growth. Typically, learning takes place in the morning over several days, leaving you free to enjoy the resort from lunchtime onward.

CE at Sea

Completing education while on a cruise offers an exceptional mixture of education and recreation, against the backdrop of a dynamic environment. Educational sessions become opportunities for intellectual stimulation amidst a relaxing voyage, fostering networking and creating unforgettable memories, making it a valuable and transformative journey. Typically, learning takes place on a single day while cruising, leaving you free to enjoy the days at port.


Getting Started

In addition to your registration, make sure all your travel arrangements are taken care of by our recommended agent.

Step 1

Register for a Vacation

Click register on the vacation you would like to attend. Vacations can be found on our homepage or lower on this page. You will receive an emailed receipt of your registration. Immediately after registering, contact the travel agent listed for the vacation and arrange the travel accommodations.

Step 2

Pack Your Sunscreen

Whether aboard a cruise or at a tropical destination, bring everything you need to have a great experience! Attendance is typical done manually at these events, however, you still need to be fully present to receive your certificates.

Step 3

Get Your Certificates

You will receive a certificate of attendance 14-30 business days after the conference (pending your full attendance). For vacations in 2024 and onward, you will be able to get your certificates directly on our portal.

Attendance & Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellations, refunds or transfers will be accepted under any circumstances for vacation registration.
  • Seminar registration does include the cost of travel, food, cabins or hotel.
  • Programs and presenters are subject to change without notice. Some hours may be pending accreditation approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some popular questions about our conferences.

Can I record this as a business trip for tax purposes?

Always check with your local tax law and your accounting to determine if this format of education can be recorded as a business trip. Many States and Provinces do allow for this type of learning experience to be a business expense.

I can't make the vacation. Now what?

Unfortunately there no refunds for registrations for vacations. They are an outstanding experience, so make sure you are 100% you can attend!

Who do I coordinate the hotel/cabin and travel with?

After registering, you will need to contact the travel agent to book your cabin/room. Additional travel expenses such as flight, food, entertainment can be booked through that same agent or on your own.

Why is registration closed?

We reserve a limited amount of cabins and hotel rooms and once that is filled, registration will be closed. Additionally, once we are relatively close to the travel date, registration will also be closed.