Our Story

After 29 years, three generations of the Khan family are still devoted to the Academy.

It all started with a vision

Mr. Ali Khan, a first-generation immigrant, passionate Canadian, experienced educator and established Ontario optician was approached by many to support the professions through continuing education. In September 1994, the first live seminar was offered under the banner of The Khan Group Inc.

High calibre education with fair pricing built the reputation of The Khan Group to the level of an official optometry educator. After achieving formal CE provider status with ARBO/COPE to provide accredited “Class A” lectures, the Academy of Ophthalmic Education Ltd., or AOE, was born.

Stronger together

Though not always easy, a founding principal of AOE is the collaboration of ophthalmology, optometry and opticianry to not only uplift all eye care professionals but facilitate better vision care for patients.

Equipped with prominent educators from Canada and the United States, both in ophthalmology and optometry, AOE was able to bring quality COPE accredited education to all provinces at a reasonable price.

“We should strive for the highest quality education to uplift the profession, benefiting everyone, particularly the patients.

President AND CEO
Optifair was born

Inviting Industry

While protecting the integrity of the education, it became obvious that AOE would need to find a way for eye care professionals to interact with industry vendors. This led the way to the creation of “Optifair Canada”, an eye care industry trade show that runs in parallel to the optometry and opticianry CE tracks. Boot camps were also offered for optometric assistants and ancillary staff for hands on training in dispensing glasses and contact lenses.

Giving Back

Knowing that success without charity is not success, Mr. Ali Khan helped organize a major charity fundraiser called “The Eye Ball”. From that day on, AOE and it's sister not-for-profit, CSEHP, have given back through fundraisers including everything from fighting blindness to supporting struggling students.


Redefining Education

Change is an essential catalyst for effective learning, and the advent of webinars and video on-demand has revolutionized the way we acquire knowledge. Embracing change in learning methodologies ensures that we stay current in a rapidly evolving world. This blend of innovative tools not only enhances the learning experience but also underscores the importance of adaptability in harnessing the full potential of evolving educational landscapes.



To this day, the Academy of Ophthalmic Education is a pioneering institution dedicated to advancing eye care knowledge and expertise.


What others say about us

We are so very humbled to have such distinguished individuals share their comments about us. We are never done learning and appreciate all your thoughts and feedback.

“Through it's continuing education seminars and fundraising initiatives, the AOE is contributing to excellence in the field and helping make progress toward the goal of eradicating blindness around the world.

The Rt. Hon. Stephen harper, prime minister of canada

“Twenty-five of dedication to providing eye-health professionals with opportunities to hone their skills, build their networks, and stay informed about developments in their area of expertise.

Doug ford, premiere of ontario

“It is my pleasure to write you this letter acknowledging the value of the educational programs that you offer to our students and our faculty. Your organization had been providing access to many hours of high quality education, and to renowned experts in their field.

DR. Langis Michaud, Optometrist, MSC, dean, University of montreal School of Optometry

“Having lectured at over 1,000 continuing education conferences over the past 30 years, let us share with you that your conference was the most organized and managed as any we have ever participated. It is so rewarding to us to see our profession prosper, and your conferences seem to amplify this growth.

DR. Randall thomas, OD, MH, FAAO